Minikube on Docker Desktop

(This post is also published on the SAP Community blogs)

Nabheet Madan has released a great blog series about using UI5 with Kubernetes (1,2,3), using Minikube. I’ve been tinkering with containers, and run docker on my home server. I’ve also been trying to get into Kubernetes, but have hit some hurdles every time. When Minikube came to my attention, I decided to try again.

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Jekyll - websites in a new(old) way

[Disclaimer: This post is an adapted translation of my original Norwegian post]

I’ve had websites, in one form or another, continuously since 1996. There has been a massive change in the ecosystem, since I started coding simples sites in Notepad). I’ve been through several tools, like Frontpage and Dreamweaver, and platforms like Drupal, Joomla, and of course Wordpress. But since I have to admit that my content production has been somewhat lacking, I’ve felt that these solutions might be overkill, primarily driven by curiosity. By accident, I stumbled across something that got my attention; something that would take my “content publication” back to basics. I found Jekyll.

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